It's Been a Mad Falling Out Lord Max

08/19/12: I Strongly Suggest You Run

Sunday, August 19th, 2012
The party spent a week in town. Erasmus and Agnar are ill and confined to bed rest, while Crud crafted a dragon gnome hook hammer of force (in effect, with 30 charges of Magic Missile). Zsiggy spent this time tracking the young green dragon’s lair and then came back to town (after getting lost a few times).
The party reconvened and end up at the infirmary after hearing screaming. Hesitantly, the party smashed the door in and entered. They saw the patients laying on the rows of beds were stabbed in the chest. As the party investigates the strange scene, the mayor of Sunidal comes down the stairs, wiping off his bloody knife. Everybody hides except for Zsiggy, who stands there like the badass she is. Agnar addresses the mayor who confidently admits to the murders but offers no real explanation. The mayor is obfuscated in a black smoke and arises wrinkly and ugly as sin. Suddenly, the dead all begin to awaken, presumably as zombies.
Zsiggy locks eyes with the wrinkly mayor and is told, “I strongly suggest you run.” Unable to defy, Zsiggy runs out of the building and is followed by the rest of the party. As a result, Crud comes out of the closet.
Crud grabs his cart, rations, tools and riding Dashund, “Nathan.” Erasamus stole a couple horses. In addition, the party took a week’s worth of rations. They make a break from town, sensing a zombie infestation. The first place they head is the young green dragon’s lair Zsiggy had found. It is an island. Crud used his upsettingly good rope skills to assist Zsiggy across the water to the Island.
When Zsiggy returns with a handful of “gold”, Agnar can see the treasure is just woodchips and stones with some sort of illusion spell on them. They both swim back to the lair and find the hidden real horde. The party receives ___ gold and a pearl which is yet to be divided. The party then made their way toward the highway to get to the Dwarven City, hauling the fake treasure as well (hoping to get dupe some poor sap). On their way, they encountered a black dragon. Notable battle moments include:
Zsiggy jumping up after the dragon took flight and throwing her sword up into it.
Erasmus did a tumble underneath the dragon and stabbed up.
Zsiggy cross-striked in an attempt to decapitate the dragon but failed to do so.
The party has yet to address the harvesting of dragon parts.



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