It's Been a Mad Falling Out Lord Max

Welcome to Starter'sville

....that went well

OK, so everything started out well.

Erassmus started off by stealing a Heavy Metal Shield and Selling it to a fence. Ziggy Witnessed this transaction and thought it might be a good idea if the two of them were to unite their powers and make an even bigger play. Their first mark was decided to be Crud the villiage armorsmith/weaponsmith.

Errassmus and Ziggy decided to challenge Crud to a drinking contest, which Crud lost horribly.

Danny took bets on the outcome of the drinking contest. E & Z took the now passed out Crud upstairs, pilfered his gold and Ziggy waited for him to wake up to convince him to me her some armor.

Danny, thinking that Crud was in some kind of danger, started knocking on all the doors and eventually attacked a door with his mace. This landed him in jail with his execution pre-scheduled for the following day.

Erassmus, Ziggy, and Crud unite, feeling that it would be wrong for him to be executed when he didn’t cause any real trouble whereas they did…cause a little bit of trouble that is.

Erassmus stole the keys from the Sheriff, Crud bribed the sheriff with some of his magic bread from his Magic Bread Box. after eating the bread the sheriff went into an uncontrollable rage immediately attacking Crud.

Erassmus used this cover to release Danny from the jail. They then returned to restrain the sheriff.

They then immediately tried to leave town, but something stopped them. A Young Green Dragon and a Kobold named John Wayne raided the town and demanded shiny objects. Our Party of adventurers could not stand for this and immediately opened fire upon the green dragon.

After many rounds of combat both the dragon and kobold fell.

The Loot



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