Dragon Crafting - Breakdown

I think I have settled on some rules for Dragon Crafting.

The Break Down

Rules for breaking down a dragon into components

Breaking down a dragon into usable part require time and skill.

Just The Bones

Seeing as bones wont go bad for quite some time you could in theory hack away until nothing but bones are left. A simple DC 10 (check is player’s choice) would provide most of the usable bones. Failure results in less usable bones — You would presumably break/nic/scratch or otherwise devalue the bones with a poor skill check. Using skills like Craft:Butcher or the like would yield all usable bones.

If attempting to gather bone for armor, like dragon bone plate, you must make the armor/hide checks listed below.

Meat and maybe Organs

Gathering the meat would require more skill to safely produce meat/organs not contaminated by potentially toxic substances. You also could gather organs at the same time you are collecting meat. A survival check >= 10 would yield enough consumable meat for 1d6 meals. For every 5 points above 10 add 1d4 meals. Maximum of 28 meals per 5ft square the dragon occupies. Using skills like butcher would increase the amount gathered by 1 die size and increase the maximum number of meals to 32. Food produced this way will only last 1 week before beginning to spoil. Using skills like craft/profession:cooking can extend the shelf-life. Organs gathered this way are random and not in pristine condition.

Specific Organs

A Knowledge Skill would be required to successfully identify interior organs (like liver, kidneys etc | Organs like eyes, tongue, or brain would not require any skill check to identify). Once Identified a Survival skill check DC 20 would result in a pristine organ. Other skills like butcher would reduce the DC. Check’s lower than the DC will still produce the organ but it may not all be intact. Must make separate rolls for each organ.


Gaining a dragon’s hide is a Skinning Check DC 20, Leather-working DC 25, or Survival DC 30 to produce materials than can produce masterwork quality items.
An entire dragon can produce 1 full set of armor of: light armor for the same size category, medium armor for a creature 1 size category smaller than it, or Heavy Armor for a creature 2 size categories smaller than it.
Roll’s lower than the DC would shift the weight/size of the armor down for every 5< than DC. For Example: A Skinning Check of 15-19 would produce ight armor for 1 size category smaller, and medium armor for a creature 2 size category smaller than it. Attempting to gather multiple materials e.g. leather for armor set and scales for gloves would require another check, DC -10, to ensure you don’t ruin the secondary material.

For non-masterwork standard materials, decrease DC’s by 5. Must declare desired materials.

More than One of the above

You could attempt to harvest multiple components. This would be considered a skill challenge and require at least two checks per component. However, as you begin to break down the dragon, the less there remains, and thus the easier it becomes overtime.

Order of Checks: You would start with Armor-Hide Checks, then the meat check (dc-5), organs (DC-10), then bones


Time would be the (sum of all DC’s / 10 – Rounded up) work days +1 work day per 5ft square dragon occupies. A full work day is 8 hours. working more than 8 hours will require an additional check with DC +5

Example of Breakdown

Lets say it is a medium size black dragon.

Just the Hide: Survival DC 30 = 3 days (DC) +1 Day (size) = 4 Days|| IF it was a large dragon it would take 3 days (DC) +4 Days (Size) = 7 Days

Hide + Meat: Hide, Survival DC 30 + Meat, Survival DC 10 – 5 = Total DC 35 = 4 workdays + 1 Day for size

Hide + Meat + Organs: Hide, Survival DC 30 + Meat, Survival DC 10 – 5, 1d4 Organ DC 20-10 = Total DC 45 = 5 Days + 1 day = 6 Days. 9 days for a large dragon.

After harvesting hide, meat and organs all that remains are bones, there is no DC/check to gather bones at this point.

Note this formula does not work with getting only organs. IF you want just 1 organ, it shouldn’t take more than half a day.

Awesome Success

As you grow in level your skill increases, however breaking down a dragon still takes time. So as a compromise if you succeed a check by more than 10 there is a chance to reduce the time by 1 workday.

Dragon Crafting - Breakdown

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