Buildings and Businesses

Food, Drink and Lodging

  • Boarding House: Imhuir’s Boarding House
  • Grocer: Gorgeous Manticore Grocer
  • Inn: Brawny Maid Inn
  • Tavern: Gargantuan Wolverine Tavern

Common Crafts and Trades

  • Blacksmith: Berry Bull Blacksmith
  • Cooper: Pessimistic Mule Cooper
  • Mason: Iarutheow’s Mason
  • Tanner: Miserable Tarrasque Tanner
  • Trader: Modern Shadow Trader

Rare Crafts and Trades

  • Dyer: Alert Xorn Dyer


  • Boat for hire: Likable Genie Boat for hire
  • Porter: Ilphrin’s Porter
  • Teamster: Iymril’s Teamster
  • Wagon Yard: Wagon Yard of the Cowardly Champion

NPC Services

  • Fence: Quarrelsome Beauty Fence
  • Laborer: Norip’s Laborer
  • Entertainer: Barren Vrock Entertainer

Buildings and Businesses

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