Realm Lore

I am tired of typing out human/half-ling/half-elf/halk-orc/dwarf/gnome, so I will refer to them as The Commons.

The campaign takes place aproxamately 300 years after the Great Burning

The Apocalypse: The Great Burning //I modified the story like 5 times so it’s choppy

There once was a wizard named Patrick Stewart, with the help of some adventurers we was able to understand great portal/planar magic. However he was being manipulated by a woman named Beverly Crusher, she was really a succubus in disguise, trying to get him to free Fire Lord Ozai, A demon Titan trapped several millennia ago deep within a volcano near the city om Pompeii. The adventurers tried to stop the demon from being freed. They used a Nail of Sealing to keep his prison from opening. However, this strengthening of Ozai’s prison, lead to a weakening in the walls of the Material Plane as well a a great surge in power from all the elemental planes. For a just the briefest of moments, all the elemental power was unleashed upon the material world.

That alone would have been enough to end the world but there were other plans in motion. The Dragon God Tiamat had been waiting for this moment, finally enough energy has entered her realm and she was then able to piece the veil and resurrect every dragon from every layer of hell. And released them on the earth.

The Dragons then set work scorching the earth. This combined with great volcanic eruptions cause ash to rain down for years.

About the Races

Humans & half-lings, and half-elves

Since the Great Burning, the humans and half-lings have had the hardest time. They were hit the hardest. Their cities have been destroyed, their populations greatly reduced, and their health/fortitude compromised. They try to keep what is left of their civilization from falling apart, but with no leadership they are forced into prolonged weakness and vulnerability. They are constantly being attacked by monsters (goblins orcs and the like), and the dragons still come after them for a meal or scrounging for the shiny’s every now and then.

Dwarfs & Gnomes

Their Society has been left mostly intact. With the majority of their cities being underground, they were spared the damage and destruction of the dragons. With this sudden increase of unaccustomed political power, the Dwarfs and Gnomes have set up trade and labor forces with the surface dwellers under the guise of helping their long term allies. While in reality they have slowly been enslaving the humans , half-elves and half-lings via the use of economics.


Their cities have been abandoned if not destroyed, yet no one knows where they went. Did they retreat to the underdark to form a truce with their drow cousins? Did they retreat into the fey? Were they simply wiped out? No one really knows. There are very few elves roaming around this realm, and even they don’t have an answer for what happened to their kin.


Half-Orcs are now considered no better than a monster, they were cast out of all the major settlements because the humans feared that they were telling their Orc and Goblin friends about the movement of caravans that were lost to raiders. Now-a-days, half-orcs are always a child of an unconsenting.

Monsters: Goblinoid, Orcs, etc

After the Great Burning, as previously stated the major cities of The Commons were decimated. This reduced the number of good aligned adventure groups, the primary cause of death in the monster races. That is not to say that they didn’t suffer in the great burning as well, but after all was said and done, their settlements weren’t constantly being wiped out but a group of adventurers looking for some easy XP, there were able to proliferate and thrive, even being able to make a city of their own. There is now a civilization of Monsters, and they are a force to be reckoned with.

Realm Lore

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